Sunday Children’s Groups

Sunday Children’s Groups

Children and Young People: Sundays at Emmanuel

There are activities for all ages at Emmanuel on Sundays – far more than just somewhere for the kids to go while the adults are in church. Each group provides a great time, tailored for their individual age range – enabling the youngsters to learn about God in a friendly, fun and challenging way. Within a loving, caring environment we enable each child to develop their own relationship with God, and each other, and encourage them to live and share their faith with those around them.


Birth to 3rd Birthday
Our crèche provides a safe environment for the youngest members of our church to play together allowing their parents to enjoy the church service without being concerned about looking after their children. The children have the opportunity to play with toys, sing songs and listen to stories and we always have a lot of fun.


Age 3 to 5: 3rd Birthday through to end of Reception year.
Our “Mini’s” group are all bubbling with life; we discover about God and Jesus together through stories, play and craft, learning to connect with the bible and start to develop their friendship with Him.

All Stars

Age 5 to 7: Years 1 to 2
The “All Stars” are a lovely group of children; through all sorts of interesting and fun activities based on and around the Bible stories, we learn about Jesus and God’s love for us. We encourage the children to grow closer to God day by day by making Him part of their lives.


Age 7 to 10: Years 3 – 5
As they “Explore” their growing independence, we feed the children’s imaginations, and think about questions and answers that will help them to live their daily lives for God. Creativity and games are key to helping them learn an enormous amount from each bible focussed session, building their trust in Jesus, and establishing deep friendships with each other.


Age 10 to 14: Year 6 – 9
As the “Pathfinders” find their way from child to teenager the group encourages a more sophisticated relationship with God, by not shying away from the tricky questions in life. Within a fun and lively environment the young people have the opportunity to grow their own faith and get to know Jesus better.